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Car hire Linköping Airport

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Location information for Linköping Airport

Linkoping Airport is the air gateway for the city of Linkoping and its environs in southeast Sweden. Nextjet and KLM fly here from Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The airport is situated five kilometres from the city centre and just south of the access ramp for the E4 motorway. On the ground, car hire in Linkoping Airport is a comfortable transport choice.

Linkoping Airport facilities

The airport’s terminal building contains a restaurant that opens during the day. There are also vending machines for snacks and beverages. A retail outlet sells souvenirs and travel items. Wireless internet is available throughout the terminal. Several firms provide car rental in Linkoping Airport. The short-term car park is situated next to the terminal and the long-term is 100m away.

Linkoping Airport excursions

In Linkoping, abundant draws include its 800-year-old cathedral and Linkoping Castle. With car hire in Linkoping Airport, nearby Roxen and Rangen lakes and the Berg locks on the Gota Canal can be reached. Around 40kms to the west, Lake Vattern is home to Motala and sandy beaches such as Varamon. In Motala, Wadkoping heritage village and an automobile museum are interesting locations.

Best time to visit

In the Linkoping region, four seasons are experienced. Winter stretches from November to mid-March. Temperatures often drop to -10°C during this season and there is lots of snowfall. Spring and autumn can be wet and windy. Summertime temperatures between June and August are usually around 20°C and even though there are occasional rain showers at this time, it is still the best period to visit.

Car rental in Linkoping Airport

The E4 and Route 34, the main roads around Linkoping, are in excellent condition. Some minor roads are rutted and can be hazardous in icy winter conditions. The only hazard in summer for users of car rental in Linkoping Airport is wandering wildlife. Compare car hire searches for the best possible vehicle rental deals.