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Car hire Skövde Airport

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Location information for Skövde Airport

The narrow strip of land between Vanern and Vattern, in southern Sweden, can be accessed via Skovde Airport. This facility is a hub for private and charter aircraft. It is located adjacent to Route 200, which is the road south to Skovde, 10kms away, Toreboda and points north for those using car hire in Skovde Airport.

Skovde Airport facilities

Basic facilities available to arriving passengers are washrooms and public telephones. All the leading global vehicle rental suppliers provide car rental in Skovde Airport. There is a car park beside the terminal. Garparors Nature Reserve and one of the finest golf courses in the region are within five minutes’ drive of the airport.

Skovde Airport excursions

Skovde itself is a major car manufacturing town and for visitors, its main attractions are diverse dining and sports venues. Regional attractions for those using car hire in Skovde Airport include Motala and Linkoping. The former is home to draws such as Charlottenborg Castle and the Motala Motor Museum, while Linkoping is noted for the landmark towers that sit atop its 800-year-old cathedral.

Best time to visit

Skovde’s climate is typical of southern Sweden, with short summers and long winters. June to August is the most comfortable time to visit, when days are long and sunny. Although there is some rain in summer, it does not last long and temperatures average at 19°C. Winters stretch between November and early April, and the thermometer at this time rarely climbs above 0°C.

Car rental in Skovde Airport

Roads in the region of Skovde Airport are well maintained. The odd country or national park route might be little more than a track. Swedish drivers are courteous, making exploring with car rental in Skovde Airport problem-free. Compare car hire online for all available rates and vehicles, and make a saving on advance bookings.