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Car hire Storuman Airport

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Location information for Storuman Airport

The town of Storuman and its surrounding areas of magnificent landscapes in northern Sweden can easily be accessed by flying to Storuman – Airport. The airport offers seasonal charter flights and receives privately-owned aircraft. The airport is situated 30kms south of the main town district. Car hire in Storuman – Airport is the premier travel choice, giving visitors the most freedom to explore.

Storuman Airport facilities

The E12 route links the airport to Storuman and in the opposite southward direction to Lycksele. There are public telephones at the airport as well as good disabled persons’ access and conveniences. Several suppliers provide on-airport car rental in Storuman - Airport. There is a fair-sized car park located adjacent to the terminal.

Storuman Airport excursions

In Storuman, the iconic Wild Man statue and a floodlit ski-course are among the visitor draws. Nearby, the Lapland handicraft centre at Nybyggarland sells a full range of souvenirs. Heading north out of town with car hire in Storuman – Airport on the E12 leads motorists to the twin Hemavan Tarnaby ski resorts. En route are venues for fishing, horseback riding and dog-sledding, with these activities dependent on the season.

Best time to visit

Most visitors come to Storuman during the winter months as the guaranteed snow from November to May is perfect for diverse snow activities. Temperatures sit well below -4°C at this time of year and have been known to drop to -35°C in January. There is a short summer period from June to September which is sunny and fairly warm.

Car rental in Algiers Airport

Winter in Storuman witnesses extreme weather. Snow and ice become a part of life for visitors with car rental in Storuman – Airport. The E12 is convenient for accessing most destinations and local authorities try to keep it clear in winter. Compare car hire to check rates and vehicle availability prior to departure for Storuman.