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Car hire Tunis Carthage Airport

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Location information for Tunis Carthage Airport

For the first-time travelers to Tunis, you will find that a cheap car hire in Tunis is the ideal mode of transportation if you want to be able to visit the major tourist attractions that the city has to offer. Fortunately, you need not look that far for the perfect vehicle because you can simply book a budget car rental at the Tunis Airport the moment you arrive there. There are already desks there of companies that provide the best car rental at the Tunis Airport, so you really are given lots to choose from. With a vehicle that you can drive in Tunis, you can visit the ruins of Carthage more leisurely. Plus, you can also drive to the shopping district of the city as well as visit the Medina, which is considered as the historical heart of Tunis. Here, you will get to see some of the finest structures and buildings as well as some of the most historical monuments that dot the Medina. There are other castles here and mosques that are worth your visit, so go to them now with a car you can drive when you get to Tunis for you to really enjoy all that Tunis has to offer.