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Car hire Erzurum Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Turkey, including the following location: Erzurum Airport

Location information for Erzurum Airport

In the far eastern regions of Turkey is the province of Erzurum, with its lively capital city of the same name. Here, the mountains meet the plains, offering diverse outdoor recreation to go with the cultural attractions of the city. Erzurum – Airport handles daily domestic flights to Istanbul and Ankara, with more than 700,000 passengers passing through the airport every year.

Erzurum Airport facilities

There isn’t a great deal of amenities inside the terminal at Erzurum – Airport, but passengers can still find a bite to eat and something to drink. Shops here mainly sell souvenirs and travel sundries. Car rental in Erzurum - Airport is found in the Arrivals area and is a convenient alternative to hiring a taxi to get around.

Erzurum Airport excursions

There are only a few remnants of Erzurum’s medieval past, but sites like the Citadel and the Twin Minaret madrasa are well worth seeing. Most of the attractions near here are in the Palandoken Mountains, just six kilometres south of the city and readily accessible with car hire in Erzurum – Airport. Winter skiing turns makes way for hiking, mountain biking and scenic drives in summer.

Best time to visit

Erzurum is a land of extremes, with hot, dry summers peaking out at around 30?C and scant precipitation until October, when autumn arrives. This season brings refreshingly cool weather. Winters, however, are incredibly cold, with average highs of only -2?C from December to February. June and September offer the best weather, especially for outdoor excursions.

Car rental in Erzurum Airport

One of the reasons people travel to Erzurum is to enjoy the mountains. But to really get around, a rental car is needed. Good highways connect the region, but potholes are a hazard. The airport contains several car hire offices to choose from but if you want the lowest rates, it’s suggested to go online and compare car hire prices to get the best deal.