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Car hire Kayseri Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Turkey, including the following location: Kayseri Airport

Location information for Kayseri Airport

One of the larger cities in Turkey’s Central Anatolia is Kayseri, known for its monolithic extinct volcano that hovers overhead. It’s also a popular stop for travelers exploring Turkey’s Cappadocia region, many of whom fly into Kayseri Airport and tour the area with car hire in Kayseri Airport from one of the global car rental agencies located on site.

Kayseri Airport facilities

Kayseri Airport has separate international and domestic terminals, both of which are clean and airy, and which have basic services like cafés, newsstands and shops selling travel items. Car hire offices can be found in both terminals, with three in the domestic area and one in the international area. Taxis are the only other form of transport besides rental cars.

Kayseri Airport excursions

Mount Erciyes looms just outside of Kayseri, giving visitors a fun place for winter skiing and summer hikes. Seljuk monuments and Ottoman sites are scattered all over the area, and with car rental in Kayseri Airport visitors can explore villages like Talas and Develi with ease. The Hunat Hatun Camii mosque, the city’s most famous, is also well worth a visit.

Best time to visit

Kayseri’s lofty elevation helps keep the usually hot Turkish summers a bit milder, especially at night. Early summer months like June are great for a visit, as are the late autumn months of September and October, when rainfall is minimal and the temperatures are pleasant for outdoor activities. Winters tend to be quite cold and snowy, which is good for skiing but not ideal for sightseeing.

Car rental in Kayseri Airport

With so many places to see in Cappadocia, Kayseri Airport serves as an ideal gateway to the region. Attractions are spread out and public transport is scarce. Renting a car gives you the flexibility to linger where you want, and you can often arrange great deals on rentals when you compare car hire online and make an early booking.