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Briancon is a town found in the Hautes-Alpes department in Southern France. Briancon is actually situated atop a plateau, and is situated 1,350 meters above sea level. That makes it the second highest city in all of Europe after the city of Davos. There are actually several things that you can see in this city. The first one is to see the historical center. Most European towns have historical centers, which are mostly a collection of old buildings. Briancon has its own historical center, which is actually a fortified town. There, you’ll see some really narrow streets that are actually quite steep. Coupled with the old buildings, the whole thing looks quite picturesque. It’s a perfect place to go sightseeing or to go picture taking, especially if you’re after some creative scenes. If you want to explore the town though, be sure to get a cheap car hire in Briancon. A car hire in Briancon will certainly save you from the hassle of using the city’s public transport system. If you want, you could also just get a car hire through the internet by filing a reservation in advance. That way, you can set up the pick up point and the drop off point according to what’s convenient for you.