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Cahors is a famous wine region, and the capital city of Lot in Southwest France. It is located along the river Lot, and has been under the Gallo – Roman and Moorish and English influence through the course of history, giving it a mix of culture. Cahors is often described as a sunny backwater, hosting several interesting landmarks and sites that visitors could freely explore. Cahors is a perfect place to spend a short vacation, offering different kinds of experiences for any traveler. Getting around town is easy with cheap car hire at Cahors.

A car hire at Cahors would take visitors to the Valentre Bridge, the most distinctive and prominent symbol of the town, built during the 1300s. One of the bridge towers sports a small sculpture of a devil image, as made by architect Paul Gout, in reference to the legends that run around the “Devil’s Bridge”.

Visitors could also take a car rental at Cahors to the city’s national monument, Cathedrale Saint Etienne, or take time at the 14th century masterpiece known as the Saint Barhelemy Church. Also of note is the Maison Henri IV, also known as the Hotel de Roaldes, built during the 15th century.

The Daurade quarter also plays host to several interesting constructions including the Maison Heretie, Maison Dolive, and Maison du Bourreau, all of which were built during the 13th to 17th centuries.

Cahors, being a famous wine region, is also sought after for its tasty local wine, described to have a black, dry taste different from the plumy nature of Gironde wines. Cahors wines use Malbec grapes, giving them the distinctive appeal.