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Car hire Chania Airport

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Location information for Chania Airport

The Chania Airport or the Ioannis Daskalogiannis Airport is an airport that provides domestic and international flights from the island of Crete to other parts of the world. This is the major gateway into the city of Chania, and as such, state of the art and modern amenities can be found here that provide not only comfort to its passengers but convenience as well. The Chania Airport is also one of the two airports in Chania that not only provides domestic but international flight as well.

The main transportation out of the airport is by a bus or a taxi, but you can also use a car hire to take you out of the airport and towards the beautiful places that only Chania has to offer. So book a car hire at the Chania Airport now and start exploring Chania. Be sure though to choose a company that provides a cheap car hire so as to better maximize your stay in the island. With your cheap car hire, visit the many beaches that offer sparkling blue waters, clear skies, and a majestic landscape that only a vacation in Chania can offer, so look for reputable car hires at the Chania Airport now and book a car.