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Car hire Thessaloniki Airport

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Location information for Thessaloniki Airport

Travelling to Greece? If you are, you shouldn’t miss a day or two in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is a place with a great historical background. Travellers will enjoy Thessaloniki’s stunning landscapes and coastlines. The modern city is filled with a lot of things to do. You can visit the impressive Roman remnants like the Roman amphitheatre. You can also have a safe trip to the Aristotle square and gaze upon some of the most attractive sights in the world. Not only does Thessaloniki offer great historical sights, it also gives travellers a chance to develop a level of appreciation of Thessaloniki’s thriving culture.

If you’re planning to visit Thessaloniki, you can book a flight to the Thessaloniki International Airport. This is the largest state-owned airport in the country. People from Greece and all over Europe come to visit Thessaloniki to witness its sheer beauty and experience its remarkable culture first hand. The Thessaloniki Airport is located 15 kilometers southeast of the city of Thessaloniki. Being one of the largest airports in Greece, the Thessaloniki airport offers a good range of services like banks, restaurants, café, souvenir shops, parking spaces, car hire and even hotel accommodations. If you want to see the city of Thessaloniki, your best option is a car hire at the Thessaloniki Airport. Car hire services are available at the arrival halls of the airport. With your own car, you can move from one location to the other without having to wait for others to finish their sightseeing! Wander free and enjoy the things that Thessaloniki has in store for you!