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Car hire Kuching International Airport

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Location information for Kuching International Airport

Malaysia’s fourth-busiest airport, Kuching International Airport, is the main gateway to the nation’s southwest region of Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. This airport lies less than seven miles north of Sarawak’s largest city, Kuching, with car hire in Kuching International Airport. This rapidly-growing airport handled well over three million visitors in 2010.

Kuching Airport facilities

Most of the airport’s flights travel to other Malaysian cities, but direct flights to Singapore are also available. However, all passengers headed for destinations outside of Sarawak, even those places elsewhere in Malaysia, must go through immigration control. One baggage reclaim hall is for international flights, including those to cities outside Sarawak, while the other is reserved for flights within Sarawak.

Kuching Airport excursions

The multicultural, safe and clean city of Kuching is an ideal starting point for exploring Sarawak with car rental in Kuching International Airport. Kuching’s nearest beach, Damai, is just a 30-minute drive away, but is crowded with locals on weekends. The Kubah and Kuching Wetlands national parks both lie nine miles outside the city. Irrawaddy dolphins swim at Sarawak Mangrove Forest Reserve in Kuching Wetlands National Park.

Best time to visit

Although heavy thunderstorms and strong winds are rare in Kuching, heavy showers frequently happen during the city’s November to February monsoon season. In fact, Kuching is Malaysia’s rainiest city. However, most of this rain disappears between March and October, the city’s hot and dry season and the most recommended visiting time. Pollution from the burning of agricultural waste in Indonesia creates haze in Kuching in the middle of the year.

Car rental in Kuching Airport

Compare car hire before arrival and take advantage of the most efficient way to travel in Kuching. Local drivers can be reckless, but Sarawak’s main roads are well maintained. However, directional signs can be inadequate so reliable maps or GPS are strongly recommended on all journeys. The scenery on Sarawak’s long and winding roads can be boring, with drivers advised to make frequent rest stops.