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Car hire Gaziantep Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Turkey, including the following location: Gaziantep Airport

Location information for Gaziantep Airport

Gaziantep is one of the world’s oldest still inhabited cities. It features top attractions like Gaziantep Castle and numerous ancient ruins. Its international airport handles daily flights from all over Turkey along with flights from a couple of German cities and seasonal services from London and Tehran. With car hire in Gaziantep Airport, travelers have an alternative to taxis and public buses for transportation.

Gaziantep Airport facilities

Inside the terminal of Gaziantep Airport, passengers can find several options for buying souvenirs, reading materials and travel items. There are ATMs, a helpful tourist information kiosk and a handful of shops selling food and drinks. Shuttle vans offer transport from the airport into town, along with international car hire offices outside of the Baggage Claim area.

Gaziantep Airport excursions

Southeastern Turkey is loaded with famous ancient towns, but most visitors start in the centre of Gaziantep where its impressive castle is surrounded by a half dozen interesting museums and traditional bazaars. You can also check out surrounding highlights like the ancient ruins at Zeugma and Doliche with car rental in Gaziantep Airport.

Best time to visit

Between June and August, Gaziantep is quite hot, with daytime highs reaching 35?C. Winters are equally tough, with cold, snowy conditions and temperatures of 10?C. The shoulder seasons of spring and autumn are the ideal compromise, with lovely weather and not too much precipitation. Popular tourist sites are all but empty during these low season months.

Car rental in Gaziantep Airport

There are a dozen or more impressive sites from the early days of human civilisation around Gaziantep. But unless you prefer group tours, you’ll need a rental car to reach them. A motorway and highways connect the region, with potholes something to watch out for. Gaziantep Airport has several companies renting cars, but it’s recommended to compare car hire prior to your trip. Online bookings offer a better deal than last-minute rentals.