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Car hire Konya Airport compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Turkey, including the following location: Konya Airport

Location information for Konya Airport

A major city in Turkey’s Central Anatolia area, Konya is famous for its whirling dervishes and great selection of classical Seljuk architecture. Flights to Konya Airport arrive daily from Istanbul, and during summer there is seasonal service to several European destinations. With car hire in Konya Airport, it’s possible to move around this relaxed city or venture into the ancient countryside.

Konya Airport facilities

Pegasus Airlines is the main carrier operating at Konya, with frequent flights to Istanbul as well as routes to Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Less than 300,000 passengers fly through Konya annually and amenities at the terminal are rather spartan as a result. Don’t expect much more than a café, a newsstand and a gift shop at which to pass the time.

Konya Airport excursions

Visit the mausoleum of the legendary thinker-poet Rumi and its adjoining museum, admire the ruins of Seljuk Alaadin Palace or see how a 13th century madrasah looked at the popular Ince Minare Museum. With car rental in Konya Airport, surrounding attractions like the archaeological site of Catalhoyuk are readily accessible.

Best time to visit

Spring and autumn see the most rain, but these months also boast the most tolerable temperatures. The summer months are hot, averaging at 30C in July and August, but the winters tend to be rather cold. June and September, on either side of summer, are perfect for sightseeing in Konya for their sunny days and pleasantly warm temperatures.

Car rental in Konya Airport

Even if you just stay in Konya itself, a rental car is a convenient way to get from site to site. The city roads are in good shape and don’t suffer from traffic congestion. Best of all, there’s no haggling needed as is the case when negotiating with the opportunistic local taxi drivers. Compare car hire possibilities online and find the best offers available.