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Car hire Montevideo Airport

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Location information for Montevideo Airport

Serving Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo Airport is the country’s main air hub and the base for national airline Pluna. Over one million passengers utilise the airport each year, many which opt to arrange car rental in Montevideo Airport to make the 12-mile drive into the city centre.

Montevideo Airport facilities

This single terminal airport, which is officially called Carrasco International Airport, consists of two floors; one for departures and one for arrivals. Both the Arrivals and Departures levels have a duty-free shop, eateries, ATMs and a VIP lounge. Car hire in Montevideo Airport is available on the Arrivals floor through a number of international and local suppliers.

Montevideo Airport excursions

Cammino Carrasco links the airport to Montevideo, making transfer with car rental in Montevideo Airport uncomplicated. Many people arrive here to visit the beaches along the Atlantic coast, although the city has many draws including its Old Town and the Plaza de Independecia. From here, beaches such as Playa Buceo, Playa Honda, Playa Verde and Playa Carrasco can be enjoyed.

Best time to visit

Montevideo can be visited all year round, but the summer months of December, January and February are the most popular among European tourists. The wettest months are March and April, while the coolest months are June, July and August. Montevideo has an average yearly temperature of 16°C, with the coldest temperature being 6°C and the hottest 28°C.

Car rental in Montevideo Airport

The roads in the city are in great condition, although there can be a lot of traffic and locals drive quite recklessly. This makes car hire in Montevideo Airport most fitting for taking trips outside of the city and exploring the coast. There are a variety of options so visitors should compare car hire choices online before arriving.