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Location information for Caen Airport

The Caen Carpiquet Airport is the airport serving the city of Caen in Basse Normandie, France. The airport is located in the town of Carpiquet, just a short 6 kilometers to the west of Caen. The airport brings visitors close to the best attractions in the town with its excellent connections to prime locations such as Lyon, Nice and Paris. The airport convenient location makes for a great base for travel around the town. Visitors could take a cheap car hire at Caen Airport for a more convenience means of transport through the city.

With car hire at Caen Airport, visitors could easily reach tourist locations such as the Memorial pour la Paix or Memorial for Peace, an important monument built way back 1988, marking the events that took place before and after the war. The memorial also contains an impressive exhibit on Nobel Peace Prize awardees.

Caen also hosts several architectural heritages, including the Caen Castle, and the Churches of St Etienne and Ste Trinite, each showcasing different styles and periods that influence architecture. Some interesting artifacts can also be found within these magnificent constructions.

A car rental at Caen Airport would also take visitors to the nearby town of Carpiquet, where the famous Parc Festyland theme park can be found. The theme park features exciting rides and attractions, set in interesting periods of time. The park is a perfect place to spend time, especially for children and experience adrenalin rush.

Also of note is the Parc Floral de la Colline aux Oiseaux, a lush garden right by the memorial museum. A wealth of landscaped gardens as well as floral displays can be seen in the thematic garden. Walk trails are also available for visitors looking for a relaxing escape.