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Car hire Caen Station

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The most interesting places to go to are always those with a history that really goes way back. This is, perhaps, exactly why France is the tourist capital of the world. Every inch of this country’s ground is suffused with a history so deep that it’s almost overwhelming, especially to those who are history enthusiasts. Take the city of Caen, for example. Situated in Northwestern France, Caen has been the site of some of the most grueling battles. In 1944, during the Battle of Normandy, a hard battle was fought right in Caen. The battle was, of course, called the Battle for Caen. The result was the destruction of a large portion of the city. Now, Caen has been rebuilt and is quite bustling with activity. But even then, just by looking at the place, you’ll see that it’s heavy with history. However, with much of the city being destroyed during the war, this city doesn’t have as many intact old buildings as the others. But that doesn’t make Caen any less of a tourist spot. In fact, the ruined buildings, such as the castle walls which no longer have a castle to protect, give the city a lot of character and make the experience much more meaningful. Get a car hire in Caen Rail Station in order to see all of these places. A cheap car hire in Caen Rail Station well worth your money.